Phase 1 - Jeddah, K. S. A Capacity : 12,000 Cbm

Universal Advanced Lubricants Bulk Liquid Storage facility, Jeddah Saudi Arabia, regionally first privately owned, serves as an integrated logistics centre in a major LOBP complex that supports the product flows within the complex and the supply and export of raw materials and finished products. It provides the lubricant business with an optimal distribution opportunity for the finished lubricants in Saudi Arabia and neighboring region.

  • Total storage tanks capacity : 12,000 Cbm
  • Tanks : 10 Nos
  • Tanks type : Mild Steel

  • Customized Operations
  • Multipurpose and dedicated pipeline systems
  • Truck/ISO container loading/offloading and drumming facilities.
  • Weighing.
  • 24 hrs-365 days a year service
  • Experienced Personnel