Hamriyah Free Zone, Sharjah, U.A.E

The terminal is conveniently located in hamriyah, one of the transshipment hubs for chemicals for the neighboring continents,

The Gulf has a geographical advantage in the global petrochemical business as it sits on the world’s largest hydrocarbon resources.

The region’s proximity to Asian markets especially China, India and the Far East makes HFZ a perfect location for overseas manufacturers looking to expand their operations.

The terminal is designed and built using advanced technology, providing the industry with a safe and efficient alternative for storage and transhipment of both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid products. Terminal consists of 32 tanks with a total capacity of close to 130,487 cbm. There are 16 nos floating roof tanks at the terminal. Terminal can be accessed via water, and road.

To accommodate sea-going tankers, there are 2 berths. The maximum draft at the terminal is 14.1 meters (maximum 50,000 DWT)

The flexible storage and transfer services offered by the terminal, along with excellent marine facilities, secures a hub for the global and regional shipping services in Asia.

Terminal facilities and capacities

Total storage capacity 130,487 Cbm
Fixed Roof 16 Tanks (65,494 Cbm)
Floating Roof (Internal) 16 Tanks (65,353 Cbm)
Tanks 32 Nos
Tanks Sizes 4,086 Cbm
No. of Jetties 2 No. Inner/Main harbour
Jetty Capacity
Main Harbor LOA – 230 m Draught – 14 m
Inner Harbor LOA – 120 m Draught – 6.5 m
Pipe Line Details Dedicated Pipeline System
Main Harbor 10” X 2 pipelines
Inner Harbor 10” X 4 pipelines
Road Tanker Loading 16 Pipelines
Facilities Road tankers Loading / ISO Tanks / Drumming
Additional land for General Purpose 10,000 sqm