Zinol Compressor Oil

ZINOL COMPRESSOR OIL is compounded which premium quality base oils and selected additive packages to provide exceptional performance, resistance to formation of deposits on valves and intercoolers and in compressor air ways . The product is recommended for use in rotary or reciprocating type air compressors.

ISO 32, 46, 68, 100, 150, 220


  • Longer intervals between cleaning of valves, heat exchangers ports and piping ensures lower maintenance cost.
  • Less carbon and deposit formation reduces fire and explosion hazards.
  • Single oil, lubricates cylinders and crankcase.
  • Suitable for both large and small compressors.


  • ZINOL AIR COMPRESSOR OIL Series is specially suited for Single-stage reciprocating compressors up to 125 PSI, Two-stage reciprocating compressors up to 300 PSI and Multi-stage reciprocating Compressors after break-in with air discharge temperature up to 220 °C.