Zinol Ep Grease

NLGI 2, 3

ZINOL EP GREASE is a premium, Lithium Complex industrial and automotive lubricating grease for plain and anti-friction bearings. Available in NLGI grades 2 and 3, ZINOL EP GREASE is shear and oxidation stable, provides protection against rust and oxidation while resisting softening at higher temperatures.


  • Protect the cooling system against freezing in winter and boil-over in summers.
  • Chemical inhibitors minimizes corrosion of copper, solder, brass, steel ,cast, cast iron and aluminum metals which are commonly use d in coolant systems.
  • Its special rubber anti swelling property protects hose, seal, and gasket and engine parts.


  • ZINOL EP GREASE is suitable for the general machine lubrication of plain and rolling bearings including electric motors, fans, pumps, etc.
  • It is recommended as a multipurpose grease in manly industrial and automotive applications up to 160 °C.