Gasoline Engine Oil

Zinol Syngold Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

SAE: 5W-30

ZINOL SYNGOLD MOTOR OIL is a high performance fully synthetic lubricant using specifically developed for Gasoline and Diesel car engines which complies with the requirements of the latest direct injection engines as well as conventional engines.


  • Ensures optimal engine performance and extends engine life span and lengthens oil drain intervals.
  • Guarantees high & constant quality by excellent detergent properties giving greater engine cleanliness for enhanced performance.
  • High Viscosity Index resulting in stable viscosity during operation and super fast pump-ability to all internal engine parts.
  • Fully miscible with other engine oils.
  • Superior anti-wear properties protecting the engine’s most sensitive parts.
  • Easy cold start and ideal lubrication at elevated temperature, ensures low oil consumption and cold start protection against wear.


  • Suitable for usage in all modern Gasoline Engine that uses direct fuel injections.
  • All turbocharged and multi-valve engines.
  • Suitable for most severe operating conditions, on highways, dense city traffic & in extreme weather conditions.
  • Suitable & exceeds the performance requirements of most European, Japanese and American car manufacturers.