Gasoline Engine Oil

Zinol Synplus Fully Synthetic Motor Oil

SAE: 5W-20

ZINOL SYNPLUS MOTOR OIL is a high performance lubricant using synthetic technology, specially developed for Gasoline car engines, meeting and complying with the requirements of the latest direct injection engines and conventional engines as well. Low viscosity and tenacious film characteristics provide the necessary performance needed car engine which is subjected to frequent on-off start-ups and exerts excessive wear on the engine.


  • Ensures sustainable high performance, meeting the needs of engines in terms of extended oil drain intervals.

  • Consistently guarantees excellent quality with exceptional detergent properties giving greater engine cleanliness for enhanced performance.
  • Its high Viscosity Index provides stable viscosity during operation and super-fast pump-ability to all internal engine parts.
  • Fully miscible with other engine oils.
  • Provides superior anti-wear properties protecting the engine’s most sensitive parts.
  • Easy cold start and ideal lubrication at elevated temperature, ensures low oil consumption and cold start protection against wear.


  • All turbocharged and multi-valve engines.
  • Suitable for most severe operating conditions, on highways, dense city traffic & in extreme weather conditions.
  • Suitable & exceeds the performance requirements of most European, Japanese and American car manufacturers.