Gasoline Engine Oil

Zinol Synpower Semi Synthetic Motor Oil

SAE: 5W-30

ZINOL SYNPOWER SEMI SYNTHETIC MOTOR OIL is formulated on the complex of the base oil of hydroclory synthetic (HC) technology with high viscosity index and blended with special additive package; its characteristic exceeds the requirements of American and European classifications. It’s provides all these features to protect and enhance the performance of your turbo charged gasoline engines.


  • Prevents sludge formation & exceptional anti wear characteristics.
  • Maintains high engine cleanliness.
  • Better control of deposit formation.
  • Excellent oxidation stability at high temperature.
  • Excellent shear stability.
  • Excellent engine protection.


  • Recommended for all modern vehicles including high performance, turbocharged, multi valve, direct injection gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars.
  • It is specially recommended for all cars for long life service and improved fuel economy.
  • It exceeds the requirements of most modern European, North American and Japanese passenger cars including gasoline powered racing cars.